Tape recording paying off


Prepare to be very shocked. And then very angry.

At the Transparency Project Conference on Monday, a question was asked about whether parents should be allowed to tape record discussions and conversations. Both Lucy Reed (www.pinktape.co.uk) and myself gave the opinion that where a parent wants to do this, they should be able to.  Social work can involve an imbalance of power with a parent, and where a parent feels that they want their own record of what was said, or to be able to go back to it later to hear it again, they should be able to.  That’s my own opinion, I don’t speak (as always in this blog) for anyone other than myself. But I think that the mood and the ground has shifted on that.

It is easier and easier for a parent to record conversations, and I can absolutely see why they might want to do…

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Tips for disruptors

My latest pamplet for women with legal and financial tips on how to bring self-help positive change … disrupting the status quo.

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A Evening with Cate Tuitt – International Women’s Month 2019 March 14th 6pm

Join me for International Women’s Month at a discussion on women and political reflection.

FREE. Refreshments provided. TEA WITH TUITT

A discussion and questions on how I ended up as the first black women elected councillor who served in Tower Hamlets in 1990s.

The challenges and hurdles I faced .

Improvements made for the community. Founding the London Community Credit union.

My ideas on Future progress still required.

My tips on how to overcome barriers.

Motivational postcards available.

Tower Hamlets history library. Bancroft road. London E1. Interviewed by Halima 20190214_195653

Photo taken Feb 14th. Four corners. Roman road. At Norah Smyth photographic exhibition.

Windrush Human rights Motion Labour party in BGB

I raised the British human rights scandal of the Deportation of British Caribbean UK citizens in a Motion I wrote for my local BGB Labour party constituency .

It has been voted for in the Labour party women’s forum in Bethnal Green and Bow.

Serious human rights violations have occurred as a result of the UK Conservative government’s actions.

Psychological distress has been caused .

Many are destitute .

I strongly dislike people who take pleasure in others suffering.

So I try to contribute and play my part in social justice and civil rights .

The next hurdle is the policy body of the constituency Labour party which is the GC.

Watch this space

#Windrush #Hostileenvironment